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House Painting Services In Auckland


House painting is a job best left to professionals like us. We offer diligent work of interior painting, exterior painting, textures on the walls of your home and offices and more. Slapping paint on the walls is not a work of oa professional. We have contemporary, modern, rustic ideas to make sure that you have a beautiful looking home at the end of the job. While a children’s room may require certain vibrant colours, there is a kitchen that works differently with different colors. One might want a light color throughout the house and then there are accentuated walls to pop and brighten up an area.

However, your commercial space may require a more sophisticated colour scheme to suit your work. We are well trained professionals to provide our customers with what they require. All your needs related to house painting are catered at Alan Chu PAinting. We are accomplished painters with expertise in our skills to paint with finesse your ceilings, walls, window trims, doors, roofs and more.

Professional House Painting in Auckland, NZ

Alan Chu Painting,Auckland are experienced painters for residential and commercial projects, also for interior and exterior painting services as well. With high end material, new technology and modern ways we have got you covered for any kind of painting job. Sometimes, it takes enough time to finalize a painting company that fits your criterias, however, we assure you of our workmanship, excellent results and efficiency to get it done in the most affordable and fastest way.

We like to minimise issues and maximise results. We at Alan Chu Painting understand the importance of transformation and help you paint the area of your dreams. We start our work with inspecting the place to be painted, detailing the repairs required and then selecting the paint of your choice. Once all this is finalised we begin our work and once it is finished we leave the place neat and tidy. We cater to the following services:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Touch Ups
  • Apartment, Units Painting
  • Property Maintenance

With an experience of commercial painting in Auckland which includes offices, restaurants and companies we know the importance of remodelling and giving a new touch to your work space. Not only are our services affordable, we use recent techniques and equipment to achieve the desired result. From selecting the perfect colour to suit your commercial space, to designing safety measures and procuring civil authority permissions, we do it all. We understand that commercial painting is a huge investment on all grounds and we value that, hence we

As professional house painters we have a reputation for :

  • Using best quality paint and materials
  • Latest brushes, techniques and equipments
  • Finishing the work in stipulated time
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Best pre and post cleanliness
  • High quality results

Certified & Trusted House Painters In Auckland

Though a fresh coat of paint can change the whole look of your house, if not done correctly, it may lead to ugly looking walls. Alan Chu Paintings is a group of trained and certified house painters in Auckland, New Zealand. We have years of experience and have worked our way through to earn the name and reputation in the industry. We take pride in the quality of our work and the finished results we provide.

Alan Chu Painting Services provide:

  • Expert advise on the colour palette and selection of designs for your home
  • Free site appraisals for your project according to your needs
  • Proposal of the plan we will undertake.
  • All queries sorted without any obligations.

As a skilled art painting requires skill, experience and an eye for detail. At Alan Chu, we have professionals who have expertise in their work, years of experience and complete knowledge of their job. Their friendly and understanding approach towards your work will leave you satisfied. We aim at fulfilling our promise of top notch work that is complete value for the money you pay. We have the best high quality equipment to ensure the best application of paints and in addition to that our team is extremely qualified in their job. The past experience that we bring instills confidence and trust of our clients in us.

As certified and trusted painters, we follow a complete flow of process in order to achieve the best and desired results.

  • We begin with assigning a point of contact who is completely dedicated to your work, your needs and your specifications. They discuss with you every detail of the project and make sure the work meets the deadlines.
  • Our modern techniques, skilled professionals and expertise ensures that your work will be of high standards, regardless of how big or small your work is. Our contingency plan is peculiar to your needs in all capacity.
  • We are certified and trained professionals to carry out our work, hence you are in good hands and so is your project.
  • Before we begin our work, we make sure to inspect the area to be painted in order to get awareness about the repairs required, the process we need to follow in order to provide a finished result and we share that with you so you are aware of the work we are going to undertake.
  • Our professionals sit with you to decide and lock a colour palette. While your choice is our priority, we do suggest what would look good from years of our experience. Once on the same page, we procure the best quality paints which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Our aim is to satisfy our clients and make sure they are happy. Ater our work we let you inspect the area and see for yourself the high standard of workmanship we provide, however, if you feel something is amiss we would not hesitate to provide a touch up to the said areas.

Why Choose Us for House Painting Services in Auckland

Trust the best. Alan Chu Painting is a team of extremely trained and experienced professionals. With the highest standards of equipment that we use, our work is superior and best. No work is too small for us, as our clients we value you the most and aim at providing what you require.

Our Promise:

  • Providing quality work as I value our clients and maintaining a long term relationship is of utmost importance.
  • Providing a detailed, accurate and complete review of the condition of the roof and the process required thereafter.
  • Value for money. We have no hidden costs involved when we give you a quote for the work.
  • We are skilled professionals and our workmanship is a guaranteed affair.
  • As a reliable workforce, we use reliable top rated products for our work. It will be a hassle free experience for you.
  • From abstract patterns to tendy colour shades, Alan Chu offers bespoke house painting in Auckland that match your taste and budget. Call us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An experienced painter in New Zealand would charge around $30 per hour and upward. However, one should keep in mind that the exterior of the house is what decides on the  number of days that will be required to finish the painting. Before the painting begins the prerequisite is to repair, clean and prepare the house. For an average-sized house, it takes around a week to provide a completely finished exterior painting.  However, a larger house would take more days to complete and the same is followed while doing the commercial painting.

The hourly rates of painting the houses are also influenced by the material required to fix the repairs, the base for painting and the paints. The cost is always subjective to the area being painted and the damages being worked on which takes more time and material and hence affects the cost. So the cost amounts around $120 per square meter to paint the exterior of the house, these however include small amounts of repairing of weatherboard and rotten areas and also updating the color theme.

Repainting an old house or doing a fresh paint on a new one, it increases the lifespan of the house and so does the overall appeal of the house if the job is done right. The consistency with which you will paint your house depends on the weather, climate and environment in which your house is situated. The other factors that influence are cladding and the last painting job that was performed.

If your home is located in an area where there are mild weather conditions, chances are you may not need to paint your house for a good 15 to 20 years. However, if the location of the house is experiencing harsh weather conditions during summer, winters or if there are coastal local conditions then the repaint of the will be required in a span of 7 years. We offer our best services of repairing a deteriorated area and refreshing your paint. The quality work will save your house with paint and also save your investment.

It often might happen that one would get curious to know when to paint and for some it might seem that being the warmest time summers are perfect for painting. However, there are many factors that are determining factors in establishing the best time to paint your house in Auckland,New Zealand. While interior painting can be done at any point of time, exterior job requires a temperature of 15-20 degrees celsius and a mild breeze in order for the paint to dry up evenly. We have highlighted a few points that might help you weigh which time suits you the best.

  • Winters- a great time to utilise the dawn. With special tools and equipment you can beautify the interiors of the house and get the walls inside your house ready by summer to make sure you can start working on the outer walls.
  • Summers- the time for holidays. One can take advantage of the time while you are away holidaying, you can always arrange an expert painter to freshen up your house to newness.
  • However, exterior painting in direct sunlight should always be avoided.
  • Spring- the most fruitful time for homeowners to put their houses up in the market, hence one can opt for painting the interior of the house. However, it is not ripe time for the outer wall because of the excessive humidity that may trap the moisture into the wall and thus lack finish and might also lead to the paint cracking.
  • Autumn- this time of the year is neither too hot for unwanted clumpiness of paints and nor too cold to lead to uneven drying of paints. Just the perfect one with cool temperature and low moisture content in the air.

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